Team accounts

Infogram for Teams gives you the power of collaboration with your colleagues and mates simultaneously by using one Infogram account with multiple users. 

Pricing depends on team size (and is a better deal than getting single accounts).

Members Price for Pro plan Price for Business plan   
2-3 USD 51(m)/ 513(y) USD 143(m)/ 1,425(y)   
3-5 USD 84(m)/ 837(y) USD 233(m)/ 2,325(y)    
5-8 USD 130(m)/ 1,296(y)  USD 360(m)/ 3,600(y)

USD 172(m)/ 1,723(y)

USD 479(m)/ 4,785(y)
11-15 USD 227(m)/ 2,268(y) USD 630(m)/ 6,300(y) 
15-20 USD 288(m)/ 2,880(y) USD 800(m)/ 8,000(y) 
20-25 USD 338(m)/ 3,375(y) USD 938(m)/ 9,375(y) 
25-30 USD 378(m)/ 3,780(y)

USD 1,050(m)/ 


30 + Contact sales

 If you go over the team size limit, you will receive a notification to upgrade to the next team size tier. All your infographics will remain available.Yearly subscriptions for any size of team gets you an additional 17% discount.


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